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AMP strives to create a product that is ONE OF A KIND. Offering traditional neckties, as well as bow-ties, fabrics are sourced from artisans in India. The patterns are hand-woven, therefore making each piece unique. Only the highest quality samples are selected for production. Each necktie is then carefully crafted in the United States. Our goal is to make you look ONE OF A KIND at your next wedding or event.

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When we set out to develop AMP, our goal was to create something that did not currently exist in the market.  A majority of neckties are created in mass production runs and consist of common patterns. While there are plenty of options for bespoke suits and clothing, there are very few options for unique bespoke neckwear.  That is how the AMP brand was born.  All neckties are pure silk, and select threads are dipped in real silver and gold. The process starts in India, where artisans weave the intricate designs by hand.  This unique approach leads to truly one of a kind patterns, and ensures the utmost quality of fabric. Each pattern is limited to 20 or less neckties, and will never again be reproduced. AMP neckties are characterized by intricate designs and bold colors. Select threads are dipped in real silver and gold. The limited nature of each pattern provides a product unsurpassed in quality and design.


Whether it is a wedding or formal event, AMP neckties are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. The exclusive patterns are never reproduced. Each product is hand crafted from start to finish, resulting in a product that will stand the test of time.

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